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Setup (Programming Device Control)

The Atlas OCAP 5-Device Remote Control is preprogrammed to operate the cable box (converter) provided by your cable system, an RCA TV, a Toshiba DVD player, an RCA VCR, and a Pioneer audio receiver. To control devices other than the default brands, perform the following steps; otherwise skip this section. NOTES: For control of a Combo device (for example, a TV/VCR combo), skip this section and perform the instructions on “Setting Up a Combo Unit” in the manual. If you have another brand of cable converter or a satellite receiver you would like to control, you’ll need to unlock the cable ID Lock before changing the converter code (see “Programming Cable ID Lock” in the manual).
  1. Turn on a device and, if applicable, insert video media, (e.g., cassette or disc).

  2. On the remote control, press a device key once (i.e., VCR, DVD, AUD, TV, or CBL); it will blink once. Then press and hold SETUP until the selected mode key blinks twice.

  3. Use the lookup tool below to locate the type of device and brand name and then enter the first four-digit code for your device. If performed correctly, the selected mode key will blink twice.

    NOTE: If the selected mode key emits a long blink, the entry is invalid. Repeat steps 2 through 3 and try entering the same code again.

  4. Aim the remote control at the device and press PWR once. The device should turn off. If it does not, repeat steps 2 through 3, trying each code for your brand until you find one that works. If it still does not respond, try searching for the code (see “Searching for Your Code”).

  5. NOTE: If the device does not have a PWR key, press the PLAY key.

  6. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each device you want the remote control to operate. For future reference, write down each working device code in the boxes on the following page.