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The Scepter universal remote control comes pre-programmed to operate the set-top box that is supplied by Cablevision.
In addition, Scepter can be programmed to control basic functions of TV POWER, VOLUME+/-, and MUTE on a TV.

  1. Turn on the TV that you wish to control

  2. Press and hold SEL and MUTE simultaneously until the iO key blinks twice.

  3. Using the lookup below, find the code for the TV that you wish to control. Enter the first five digit code for your brand of TV. If performed correctly, the iO key blinks twice.

  4. NOTE: If the iO key emits one long blink, the entry is invalid.
    Repeat steps 2 through 3 and try entering the same code again.

  5. Aim the remote control at the TV and press MUTE to see if the TV responds.
  6. If the TV responds to MUTE, try VOLUME +/- and TV POWER to ensure all functions work as expected.

    If the TV does not respond to these keys, repeat steps 2 through 3, trying each code for your brand until you find one that works. If it still does not respond, try “SEARCHING FOR A TV CODE”.