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UEI Code Finder

Setup (Programming Device Control)

Use the following instructions to program the remote for a TV and/or Audio device.
  1. Turn on the TV or other device you wish to control
2. Locate the code for your device among the Manufacturer’s Codes listed in the lookup above or on the back of the user manual. Brands are listed in alphabetical order with the most popular codes listed first.

3. Press and hold in the MENU and OK buttons until the Power button flashes twice and release both buttons.
4. Enter in the first 5 digit code for your brand of device. The Power button will flash twice.
5. Aim the remote at the TV and press the Power key. If the TV turns off you have found the correct code. If the TV does not respond repeat steps 2-5 trying each code listed for your brand of TV. If none of the codes work, refer to SEARCHING FOR A CODE.

Repeat steps 2 through 5 to program in your Audio device.

  NOTE: Depending on which device(s) you have programmed, the last device programmed will be the volume control source. See VOLUME CONTROL to change this setting.