Cox URC8820

Designed to complement your Cox Contour cable service, this remote also provides full universal control of TVs, Blu-ray/DVR players, VCRs, and surround sound audio systems.


Full Universal Control

This remote features full universal control of your home theater including the cable box, TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, and audio device.

Master Power Key

Master Power offers the ability to turn-on or off all devices that you use to watch cable television in a single keypress. To use this feature, the remote must be in CABLE MODE.  Be sure to keep pointing the remote until all equipment has responded.

Volume Lock

This feature allows you to lock the volume and mute functions to your TV or Audio Device.

Backlit Keypad

This remote control features a backlit keypad, making it easier to read and use the remote while in a dark setting. Simply press the LIGHT button to light up the keys.


Remote Control Setup

CodeFinder and Setup Instructions

Step 1: CodeFinder

Step 2: Setup Instructions


Remote Functions


  • POWER turns selected equipment on or off
  • MODE KEYS used to set remote to control selected device


  • SETTINGS provides access to the cable box settings menu
  • LIVE returns to live TV
  • ON DEMAND used to access on demand program library
  • HD ZOOM changes the picture format
  • CC enables and disables closed caption
  • FF/PAUSE/PLAY/REW/SKIP BACK/STOP/ used to control playback of live, recorded, or On Demand programs
  • RECORD press to record selected program
  • INFO displays information on current selected program


  • PAGE +/- used to jump a page at a time in program guide
  • USER enables access to user-specific settings
  • EXIT closes current menu
  • A-D KEYS used for special functions displayed on your cable menus
  • GUIDE displays program guide
  • COX MENU displays main cable menu
  • DVR LIST displays list of recorded programs on DVR boxes
  • LAST returns to the previously selected channel
  • FAV cycles through favorite channels set on your cable box


  • INPUT cycles through video inputs on the TV or audio device
  • PIP ON/OFF turns on picture-in-picture on some cable boxes
  • PIP MOVE changes the mini picture location on PIP boxes
  • PIP +/- changes the channel on the mini picture when PIP is active
  • SWAP used to swap between tuners on DVR boxes or to swap pictures on PIP boxes
  • LIGHT lights the keypad


Frequently Asked Questions

This remote comes with VOLUME LOCK defaulted to control volume using your TV.  To change VOLUME LOCK to another device, follow the VOLUME LOCK programming instructions in the SETUP section of this site.

This remote uses AA size batteries.

While Heavy Duty batteries will work, alkaline batteries are recommended and will have much longer battery life.

Five blinks means that your batteries are low and need to be replaced soon.

To control your equipment, be sure to do the following:

  • Point the remote at the equipment when using it, making sure that there is a clear line of sight.
  • The LED on the remote should blink with each keypress. If not, replace the batteries.
  • The remote needs to be programmed in order to control your equipment.
  • Follow the instructions in the setup section of this site to program the remote.