Ecolink Z-Wave Siren SC-ZWAVE5-ECO

The Ecolink Siren+Chime is a Z-Wave Plus enabled device that will sound a siren or chime when told to do so by a controlling device


Audible Alerts

Device will sound one of four different sounds (Siren, Chime, Entry, Exit) to alert the residents of specific conditions.

Adjustable Audio Output

User controllable volume settings to accommodate location preferences.

Wireless Operation

The device operates as a Z-Wave network range extender in the network it operates in.


Connected Home Setup

Setup Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

The siren package includes:
1 x SC-ZWAVE5-ECO Siren
1 x Jumper
1 x Mounting Screw
1 x Installation Manual

The siren is a Z-Wave compliant device and can participate in any standard Z-Wave network.

The siren implements a check-in process by which it contacts the system on a periodic basis and provides an update of its operation state.

Yes. You can have multiple sirens operating on the same network/system. Please consult with your system provider to determine if there is a limit on the total number of devices that can be associated with your system.

You can find self-help articles at the following site: Alternatively, you can request support via email by writing to [email protected]