OFA Evolve TV URC7115

Ideal replacement for your TV remote


Easy setup

Set-up your brand in under 30 seconds.

Learning Feature

Copy functions from your original remote.

Ultra Wide Angle

No exact pointing needed with an integrated 160 degree infrared lens.

NETTV Button

This handy feature gives you one key press access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or any other online streaming app.


Remote Control Setup

Codefinder & Setup Instructions

Step 1: Choose your device

Step 2: Setup Instructions


Remote Functions


  • Magic used for setting up your Remote
  • Power turns equipment on and off


  • Channel Enter
  • AV cycles through video inputs on the TV
  • Back returns to the previous menu screen or program
  • Menu opens your Menu screen
  • Guide displays program guide
  • 16/9 changes the aspect ratio
  • Favourite gives you access to your favourite program
  • Info displays information on current selected program
  • Exit closes current menu
  • Colour keys used for special functions displayed on your menus


  • Record press to record selected program
  • FF/PAUSE/PLAY/REW/SKIP BACK/STOP/SKIP FWD used to control playback of live, recorded, On Demand programs and for Audio control


Frequently Asked Questions

Only if it is a picked function, not if you have programmed a real-time macro on it.

The NETTV key is for viewing digital TV, streamed over the internet. If your original remote control already had a key for this, for example, many newer TVs have a Netflix key, then this key will perform the same as the key on your original remote. However, if you did not have a key like this, but still had the ability to watch a streaming service, you can use this key as a shortcut by programming a macro on it. Most AV devices which are connected to the internet, such as Smart TVs or streaming Set Top Boxes have one or more applications they can run to access TV viewing via the internet. Examples of these would be Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer or similar.

A real time macro records the same amount of seconds a menu on your original device takes to come up. For example, if the menu on your TV takes 3 seconds to come up, the One for All Remote will retain this information. A regular macro sends out multiple functions to the selected devices, but it does not record real time. You can only program a real time macro on the NETTV key. You can program a regular macro on the other keys.

Before resetting the Evolve, please take the following into account:

  • If you have ever sent in your remote control to our Upgrade Service for an update, these codes will be erased as well. In that case, it is highly advised not to perform a factory reset.

To reset your remote to the manufacturer's setting, please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Remove a battery from the remote and press a button with it removed.
  • Reinsert the battery – the LED should blink twice.
  • Press the digits 2 and 8 simultaneously within 6 seconds – the LED should blink twice and stays on.
  • Enter the code 9 8 1, the LED will blink 4 times.
  • The remote is now reset to its factory defaults.
  • You can now setup your remote again.

N.B. The procedure must be performed within 6 seconds of applying power to the remote, that is, inserting batteries. After 6 seconds of Power it will not activate.

To move a particular key within the same device mode:

  • Press and hold the MAGIC key until the LED stays on.
  • Enter code 994, the light will blink twice.
  • Press the key to move once.
  • Press the key to overwrite once, the light will blink twice.

If you would like to delete a learned function that you no longer require, please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Hold down MAGIC until the light blinks once and then twice and stays on.
  • Enter the code 976, the light will blink twice.
  • Press the learned key twice, the device key will blink twice.
  • If there is another key to be deleted, please repeat steps 1 to 4.
  • The key that has been cleared will now perform the default function.

Additional Information:
You can delete a learned key by overwriting it with a new learned function. If a learned function used in a macro is subsequently deleted, the macro will revert to sending the keys original function

Your One For All remote is capable of copying functions straight from the original remote control that came with your device.

To use the learning feature, please follow the instructions below:

  • Hold down MAGIC until the light blinks once and then twice and stays on.
  • Enter code 975, the light will blink twice.
  • Press the key on the One For All where you would like to place the learned function, the device LED will flash rapidly.
  • Press and release the key on the original remote control that you wish to learn. The LED will blink twice to indicate the key has been learned correctly.
  • Press and hold the MAGIC key to store the learned function until the light blinks twice.

Additional Information:
It is possible to learn up to 100 functions on this remote. To learn multiple keys, you can repeat steps 3 and 4 instead. When you have finished learning all of the required functions, press and hold MAGIC to store. A time-out will occur if no signal is received from the original remote within 5 seconds. To retry, press the key to be learned on again. One long blink indicates the remote did not capture the signal correctly. Two long blinks indicate the memory is full.

A long blink indicates that the remote failed to learn the signal from the original remote.

There could be a number of reasons for this.  Check the following:

  • Make sure the original remote that came with the device is in working order, by testing it on your device. If it is not responding, it might not be working correctly. 
  • Make sure you are not performing the learning procedure under bright lighting or in bright sunlight as this can interfere. 
  • Ensure that the two remotes are approximately 2 to 3 cm apart, and that the transmitting end of the original remote is facing the remote.
  • Sometimes holding the key on the original remote down for slightly longer may help, and conversely sometimes quickly pressing and releasing the key on the original works better.
  • The batteries used should have sufficient power. Even though the remote works when using it to switch on and off devices, it might not have enough power to be able to learn additional functions. Please replace a new set of batteries
  • It is also possible that the memory on your remote control has reached the maximum capacity due to too many learned or other customized functions. Please remove some existing learned keys.
  • Some manufacturer’s remotes use a different signal, or infra-red protocol, that the One For All remote cannot reproduce. These are commonly signals that use a higher frequency. Radio frequency remotes cannot be learned from, because these signals are not infra-red based.

In order to delete a macro, please follow the instructions below:

  • Hold the Magic key until the light stays on.
  • Enter the code 995 (the light will blink twice).
  • Press the One For All key you assigned the Macro to.
  • Hold the Magic key until the light blinks twice.

Yes, your Evolve is capable of creating Macros.You can program your remote to issue a sequence of commands at the press of one button. For example; you may want to turn off your TV, DVD and Satellite at the same time.

To use the Macro feature, please follow the instructions below:

  • Hold the magic key down until the light stays on.
  • Enter the code 995, the light will blink twice.
  • Press the key on which you want to program the Macro sequence.
  • Enter the sequence of keys that you would like in the Macro.
  • To end the Macro sequence, press and hold the Magic key until the light blinks twice. The device key will blink once and then twice.

Our remote controls always send out the standard duration of a signal, which enables most Macros. In your case, you need to keep the key pressed for a few seconds, which we are unable to reproduce into our Macros. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please check the following web page which will lead you to support in your area: https://www.oneforall.com/support/universal-remotes