Kita Android TV Remote

Kita Android TV platform remote brings you the true Android experience combined with award-winning design and materials.


Control Up To 3 Devices

Operates the following devices with just one universal remote: TV, Set Top Box, Audio or Soundbar

Adaptive keypad

Advanced adaptive keypad for ultimate user experience with 5 Backlight zones.

Re-Chargeable battery

Rechargeable battery providing you with more than a month of operation.

Google Android TV

Fully Google Android TV compatible – powered by UAPI™

Voice Search

Finding a movie or tuning to a network have never been so easy by voice search.

Quickset Features

Auto Detection

  • Automatically detects video and audio devices connected to a Smart TV and retrieves a complete set of control capabilities for these devices.

Easy Setup

  • Simple out-of-box experience with easy self-setup that automates the detection of connected devices to the set top box.

Seamless Control

  • Provides seamless control for connected televisions and audio devices.


Remote Functions


Power and Google Assistant

  • Power – A short press on Power turns your ATV Set Top Box ON and OFF, a longer press turns your TV ON and OFF.
  • Google assistant key allows you to find a movie or tune to a network. Google search settings can also be configure, including selecting which apps to be included in search results and enabling the Safe Search filter.


  • TV brings you back to Live TV.
  • The App key brings you back to your Android TV Provider Menu.
  • Back returns to the previous menu screen or program.
  • Home select the Home Menu.
  • Netflix – One key press to access Netflix.


  • Up/Down, Left/Rewind, Right/Fast forward, OK/Play-Pause used to control playback of live, recorded, On Demand programs and for Audio control.


Frequently Asked Questions

In case Kita is not already paired you need to pair it for the first time "press Home + OK key simultaneously and hold them down for 3 seconds"

Plug a USB-C type cable into Kita and connect the other end of the cable to a suitable USB cable compatible power source.

With normal use, the battery will last approximately 1 month before it needs to be charged again.

Normally it takes 4 hours to fully charge the Kita remote when plugged into a USB charger wall socket.

Kita uses a 500mAH lithium-Ion battery.

The HOME key lights Orange when charging the Kita using a USB-C cable. It will turn off when Kita is fully charged. The HOME key lights solid red when the Kita is transmitting voice to the STB. The HOME key blinks red 2 times when unpairing and will continue to blink red until paired again.

Upon pickup or key press, the HOME key will blink red 3 times if the battery level is 20-30% full.

The Kita POWER key will toggle the STB power on/off when pressed and held for <1.5 seconds.

The Kita POWER key will toggle the TV power on/off when pressed and held for >1.5 seconds.

Press the "TV" key

Press the "Apps" key.

Press and release the Google Assistant "bubbles" key. Then speak your question or command.

If the batteries are low, the LED will blink 3 times and you need to recharge your Kita remote. As soon as the RCU gets to the level of fully-charged, the LED will turn off again.